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Compare Dental Insurance and Individual Dental Plans

What is Dental Insurance?

1 Typically, dental insurance is a somewhat complicated process. To obtain dental insurance, a patient usually goes through a lengthy paperwork process, review of pre-existing conditions, and a long waiting period.

2 When a procedure is performed, a claim is filed to the insurance provider, and the provider will then send a payment to either the dentist, or the patient, if they have direct reimbursement.

3 Usually, the patient has to pay some sort of deductible in addition to their monthly dental insurance premiums.

4 Almost all insurance companies are different in their practices and fees and claims processes can be different in every company.

The Difference Between Dental Insurance and Dental Plans:

Dental plans operate on the same idea as dental insurance...but without the hassle.

There's still a network of providers that you choose from for your dental procedures, but there are no claim forms, no long waiting periods, no deductibles, and no regulations on pre-existing conditions.

You pay an annual membership fee to your dental plan provider, and pay a significantly discounted fee at the time of your procedure, and you're done.

Why are dentists choosing to be in Dental Plan networks?

Simply stated: they don't want to deal with the hassle either.

Constantly processing paperwork and claims and billing forms is very time consuming for a dental practice.

Dental plans make it easy both on the patient...and the doctor.

The logistics of processing a dental procedure become a lot easier when all you have to deal with is a membership card and a fee!

Additionally, enrolling in Dental Plans is an incredibly effective and easy way for a dentist to generate more business and build their clientele.

Ask your dentist if they are a Dental Plan provider:

There are over 210,000 dentist listings in combined networks in the United States, so chances are good that your current dentist is already a participating provider.

Click below to get a full list of participating providers in your area, or refer back to the search tool on Find A Dentist to contact a dentist in your city.