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About dental bridges

You know which is the biggest enemy of a perfect smile? A missing tooth of course and fortunately dentists have a couple solutions for fixing this. One of the consists in using what is called a dental bridge for filling the gap and we are going to find out more about it next.

As we said before, dental bridges are among the most efficient solutions for replacing missing teeth, although the only person that will be able to tell if this is the method that is going to be used for you is the dentist.

Getting a dental bridge will certainly involve a couple of visits to your dentist because the first one is going to be a preliminary visit in which you will find out if you are a candidate for this type of procedure or not. Next, a couple of operations are usually needed on the teeth surrounding the gap. A model of your teeth is in most cases created and a temporary bridge is going to be fitted until the permanent one is created. During the last visit you will have it installed and fitted permanently to your mouth.

Like with just about any other dental procedure, the cost of bridges depends on several factors, including the complexity, the material that is going to be used and of course the dentist. However, don't expect to pay less than one thousand dollars and you can think about three or four thousand dollars as the superior limit.