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Overview on Gum Reshaping & Gum Crafts

Unfortunately a lot of people have to deal with gum problems and these can have an impact on the overall health condition and also on the aspect. However, there are two procedures that can help treat these gum problems and we are going to have a look on them in the following lines.

Gum reshaping is a procedure that can be performed in specialized dental cabinets and has the main purpose of taking care of the excess gum that sometimes grows and covers the teeth. It is performed using a hi-tech laser that cuts the excess gum and restores a beautiful aspect. However, in this procedure the bone tissue situated beneath the gum also has to be remodeled in certain cases in order to prevent the gum growing again.

On the other hand, gum crafts are used when there is too little gum covering the teeth. Visually, this does not look too good because the teeth seem to be too long, but fortunately the treatment is able to solve the problem. Gum tissue is transplanted from other parts of your mouth or even from another donor. The success rate of this procedure is extremely high and due to the fact that the mouth is a highly vascularized area, the patients heals in just a short time.

The costs of gum reshaping and gum crafts can only be found out after a preliminary visit to the doctor that will take care of you and depend a lot on the complexity of the whole procedure.