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Medford MA - February 27, 2006 employees ventured again to windy Chicago to exhibit at the Annual Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. The huge success of last year's attendance left no question in any of the executives' minds that should be there in 2006, and history proved to repeat itself.

The 141st technical exhibition, Make Me Smile, had executives of smiling all the way through the weekend. A huge attendance of dentists and decision makers and good booth location spelled success for the Internet company.

This year, tried a new tactic for increasing exposure: bright orange t-shirts, which they gave out to any person willing to wear the shirt as they walked around the exhibit hall. | read more |

The Dentist's Diplomat

This is an instructive summary of the qualifications and the duties of the present day Dental Assistant -- The Diplomat standing between the dentist and lost income. | read more |

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