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Dental History


Dental Code of Ethics

As amended and adopted by the American Dental Association, July, 1922.

Section 1.

In his dealings with patients and with the profession, the conduct of the dentist should be in accordance with the Golden Rule, both in its letter and in its spirit.

Section 2.

It is unprofessional for a dentist to advertise by handbills, posters, circulars, cards, signs, or in newspapers or other publications, calling attention to special methods of practice or claiming excellence over other practitioners, or to use display advertisements of any kind. It is also unprofessional to publish reports of cases or certificates in the public prints. This does not exclude a practitioner from using professional cards of suitable size with name, titles, address and telephone number, printed in modest type, nor having the same character of card in a newspaper. Neither does it prevent a practitioner who confines himself to a specialty from merely announcing his specialty on his professional card.

Section 3.

It is unprofessional for dentists to pay or accept commissions on fees for professional services, or for radiograms, or on prescriptions or other articles supplied to patients by pharmacists or others.

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