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  • Dental show #4 proved to be's most successful show yet

Dental show #4 proved to be's most successful show yet

Dental show #4 proved to be's most successful show yet

Dental show #4 proved to be's most successful show yet

Medford MA - May 17, 2005

Dental show #4 proved to be's most successful show yet. Amidst sunshine and record-high temperatures, the online dental directory attended the California Dental Association's Spring Session in Anaheim from May 12 - May 15. Despite a booth location in the back of the hall, heavy traffic and high attendance helped make their first appearance with the CDA a huge success.

"Nearly 26,000 people attended this show - and it was great", says Brian Benko, CEO and founder. "We offered a discounted price on our highest, most elaborate listing, for those who signed up at the show, and this seemed to be the clincher".

Beyond a great deal, the success stemmed from the frequent visitors to the booth, inquiring about the service, and asking detailed questions about in comparison to some of the other competitors in the market.

"The bottom line is that our traffic and rank in the search engines, paired with an amazingly cost-effective investment really helps these dentists make an easy decision", says Benko. "Moreover, it's refreshing to see that these professionals finally understand the value of the internet. It was a hard group to convince, but as we attend show after show, we have people approaching us that we met 4 shows ago - and they're finally understanding how useful our service can be". will spend the summer in a marketing blitz, and a recent expansion of the sales and marketing team should help the growing company stay at the top of this competitive market.'s next exhibition will be at the ADA Session in Philadelphia in October., a highly popular internet dental directory, made their first venture into the world of dental shows in Orlando this past week, despite the threat of hurricanes. While the 145th American Dental Association Annual Session experienced no natural disasters, attendance for the show was down due to the weather-scare. However, the show proved to be a great success for

From Thursday to Sunday, FindaDentist joined over 700 exhibitors as they filled the halls of the Orange County Convention Center and promoted their products and services to over 30,000 dentists, hygienists, office managers and dental assistants.

Many dentists were interested in the company, as a reasonable and cost-effective alternative to a few of the other high profile dental directories. The trip for the Boston based company resulted in both business generation and potential networking relationships as well.

"I'm very happy to have our first experience at a dental show here in Orlando", say Brian Benko, CEO and Founder of "Our sales staff was out there, pushing our product with energy and enthusiasm, and it gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of the major players in the dental industry."

Benko says the reason for beginning to market themselves at Dental Shows is because the medical industries are further behind other businesses when it comes to the web. "We have a long road ahead of us since so many dental offices are not yet on the internet. It feels like 1997 all over again when I was getting the major retailers to build sites to sell their services on the web. The medical industry as a whole is way behind the curve when it comes to leveraging the internet. Our goal is to play a part in getting the dental community up to speed by helping them capture a percentage of the 40 million users that search online for a dentist each year".

Because of the positive experience in Orlando, has registered for future shows, including the increasingly popular Chicago Dental Society show in February and the California Dental Society Show in Anaheim, CA in May.

Medford MA - May 17, 2005

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