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Review Touch Free Solutions Trash Can

Touch Free Trash Can

Dental Product Review Touch Free Trash Can

March 2007

A clean sterile dental office is important. At least we think it is!! Touch free products are a step in the right direction.

We found this vendor at a dental show in California and thought we would test it out in our office. This morning I set up our first Touch Free Solutions product. I purchased the 18 gallon and 13 gallon touch free trash cans. This morning I unpacked the 18 gallon can and it was very very well packaged and pretty easy to unload. I simply turned the box upside down with one end of the box open so that the Styrofoam shell would easily slide out.

The can was undamaged and looked great. I was a little concerned that the 18 gallon can was going to be too large but it was just perfect. I found a trash bag and placed it in our new touch free trash can and put the top on. Next, I plugged in the power cord, which is optional, and flipped on the power switch that is underneath the top portion of the can, and bam, we were in business. Batteries are not so great for environment so please splurge and buy the power adapter.

I want to say thanks to Randy at Touch Free Solutions for selling us the product and if you have products that you would like us to feature or promote on please use the contact us page to submit your product or service. We would be glad to talk to you about your products if the fit the category or industry. We do not just recommend or promote any product or company. It is also important to not that if we find the product or company to be selling a poor product or providing poor customer service we will remove them and let you know what others have been experiencing. Most of us have limited time and money. It is important that we use it on first rate products and services.

If you would like a special deal on your first order from Touch Free Solutions please give them a call at (866) 219-1707.