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St. Louis Hills Dental Group

ADDRESS: 6979 Chippewa
CITY/STATE: Saint Louis MO, 63109
PHONE: (314) 644 - 0440
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At the St. Louis Hills Dental Group we take great pride in the quality of treatment we provide. We do everything we can to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible. I know that going to see a dentist can sometimes be frightening for you. But when you come to me, you can set your mind at ease. I'll work hard to give you the best care that modern dental technology can provide. And I'll do my best to calm your fears and anxieties as I get to know you as a friend. For difficult treatment we can give you a prescription for tranquilizing pills to take before your treatment begins. We also have 'happy gas', nitrous oxide. Please, just tell us in advance of your needs. We have developed many new dental techniques that enable us to help you enjoy treatment without pain or discomfort. You will have cream for your lips to protect them, and dark glasses to protect your eyes. We have radios with headphones for you to listen to. If you need to have anesthetic, we will use a powerful anesthetic cream to numb your gum before we begin treatment. We can do many treatments without anesthetic, yet without pain. We can often use 'Micro Air Abrasion' instead of a drill. With old fashioned mercury fillings, it was necessary to drill into live parts of a tooth to lock the filling in place. This caused pain, and in many cases, over a period of time broke the tooth. We use chemical bonding to join the new restorative materials to teeth and make them strong.

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