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Dental Implants

Advances in modern dentistry have provided a number of reconstructive options for those who suffer from tooth decay and other related issues. Crowns and moldings have been the traditional choices, but these can place strain on surrounding teeth if anchored as a bridge. The repairs are effective but largely superficial. Anyone can recognize the downsides to removable dentures. Thankfully, dental implants offer a functional and aesthetic solution. These are simply anchors set into the bone itself, which serves as a foundation for more permanent replacements of the patient's teeth.

The surgical procedure is therefore more invasive, but certainly worthwhile. The most common kind of dental implant used today is designed to bond to the regenerative osteoblasts within the bone. Before surgery, dentists usually perform a number of CT scans on the mouth to determine ideal placement. A light surgical stent may be placed in the mouth to help guide the technician who pre-drills a small hole for the implant. As in other common oral surgeries, local anesthetic is the norm.

Most dentists allow around six months for the osseointegration, or bonding, of the titanium implant and bone to take place. The tooth replacements may then be anchored onto the implant, which is about as durable and permanent as a healthy root canal. Unlike some crowns or bridges, dental implants do not require replacement after a decade. Committed patients desiring a lasting solution may wish to talk to their dentists about the possibilities of dental implants.