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Individual Dental Insurance

Individual insurance costs have been rising astronomically in the past few years, and that only means that health benefits have been trimmed little by little. Increasingly, insurance does not include dental or vision. But did you know that you can buy individual dental insurance? In some ways, dental insurance works much like other medical insurance plans. The difference is that dental insurance is often much cheaper in comparison. For example, some plans cover 100% of your trips to any dentist for preventive care for as little as $16 each month ($50 deductible). They also cover 100% of X-rays and 50% of extractions, oral surgery or fillings and do not exclude for pre-existing conditions or include a waiting period. (Maximum benefit of $1,000 each year).

Of course, individual dental insurance is like other insurance plans in that you should expect lots of variety between plans-various levels of deductibles, types of coverage, and limits on total costs. You should always pay careful attention to the fine print and know the limitations of your plan. But it is very encouraging to know that it is possible to buy individual dental insurance for an affordable price and that it really will cut some of your dental costs. When you need to find the best plan for you, the easiest way is by searching on one of the internet's dental insurance sites.