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Teeth Whitening Products

Our desire to have a dazzling, white smile that makes us look younger and more attractive has opened a whole market for at-home teeth whitening products. Not surprisingly, the number and types of teeth whitening products have jumped dramatically as the market for such products has grown. Consumers now can choose between whitening strips, teeth whitening paste and teeth whitening gel. Within each product type there are several choices to choose from. Which type of product is best for you will depend upon your specific situation. Before you choose a teeth whitening product, you should consider factors such as how easy the product is to use, whether the product is designed to be used during the day or at night, how portable the product is, how long it takes for your teeth to be noticeably whiter.

All teeth whitening products use a type of peroxide as a whitening agent. Hydrogen peroxide is stronger and whitens faster and for a longer time, but often causes more side effects. Carbamide peroxide is more diluted, not as harsh and usually produces fewer side effects. The downside is that the whitening is not generally as effective or as long-lasting. Side effects that are common for either type of peroxide-based whitening are sensitive teeth and irritated gums. Some people develop white spots on the gums. Side effects usually are not severe and generally subside when the whitening process is completed.