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Laser Teeth Whitening

In today's world, image can indeed be everything. Yet laser teeth whitening isn't just about frivolous aesthetics. Those who suffer from significant teeth discoloration can find their own smile unnerving. An otherwise attractive and confident person may be distracted by unsightly blemishes. For those who seek to address the problem, a number of options are available with increasing degrees of effectiveness. Whitening strips are advertised most frequently, and gel can seem like a convenient alternative. But by far the most long-lasting option, and coincidentally the most expensive, is laser teeth whitening.

This procedure involves a single doctor's visit. The dentist applies to the teeth a special gel containing the active whitening agent. The laser itself merely heats the gel which removes most forms of discoloration. The process usually takes around an hour to complete, and results are immediate. For most patients, the difference is dramatic.

Some may experience soreness in the gums after the procedure, but the feeling should pass quickly. If you believe you may be particularly sensitive to the active agents, talk to your dentist about the risks. Laser teeth whitening may not be enough for prospective patients with severe discoloration, so crowns or implants might be the best solution.