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When you find a great pediatric dentist, you know that your child will receive exactly the right oral health care at every stage of growing up. Pediatric dentistry, a recognized specialty of the American Dental Association, requires two to three years of specialty study after regular dental school. These dentists care for the oral health of infants, children, and adolescents. Recognizing that a beautiful, healthy smile plays an important part in a developing child's life, the pediatric dentist can catch early problems as teeth emerge when your child is an infant and will educate you and your child at every stage on proper brushing, whitening, and the best diet choices for healthy teeth.

To find a good practitioner, you can ask family members and friends for recommendations. Family doctors and pharmacists may also be able to refer you to local pediatric dentists. In addition, several online sites make it convenient to search for pediatric dentists by zip code or by city and state. Some sites allow you to select a designated mile radius for the search. When looking for the right dentist, note locations and office hours for the offices in your area. Find out about policies on appointments, payments, and emergency or after-hours care at each location. If possible, visit more than one office to find the right fit for you and your child.